Vocabulary of Dogmatic Theology

The English-Vietnamese Vocabulary of Dogmatic Theology was translated by The Vietnamese Priests and Seminarians in Taiwan and Published by The Quang-chi Press, Taipei, on January 1st 1996. The purpose of this publication is to establish a further list of concepts, terms and phrases for SYSTEMATIC-DOGMATIC THEOLOGY from English to Vietnamese. This purpose imposes limitations. We confess, however, that the borderlines cannot be drawn as neatly as one would desire. May this work be a useful building stone for a genuinely Vietnamese Christianity to come! The reader is cordially invited to offer his corrections and suggestions.


A_: a posteripri ~ azyme B_: Baianism ~ B.V.M. (Blessed Virgin Mary)
C_:caesaropapism ~ curialism D_: daemon ~dyotheletism
E_: early church ~exultet F_: facienti quod est in se ~ future
G_: Gallican Confession ~ guilt H_: habit ~ hypothetical necessity
I_: icon ~ iudicium solemne J_: Jacobites ~ justification
K_: kabod ~ Kyrios L_: laicus ~ lytrosis
M_: Macedonianism ~ mythology N_: Nabi ~ nunc stans
O_: obedience ~ Oxford movement P_: pacificism ~ Puseyism
Q_: Qadosh ~ quodammodo R_: racism ~ Russian Orthodox Church
S_: Sabaoth ~ systematic T_: tabernacle ~ typology
U_: ubiquity ~ utrapuism V_: vagantes ~ vulnus ignorantiae
W_: Wafer ~ Wycliffites Y & Z_: Yahweh ~ Zwinglians

(C) Copyright 1996 by VietMissio

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