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Saigon Jan 17,1999 - There are more than 17,000 Vietnamese women who have wed Taiwan men in recent years to get out of the poor of the country... Take the case of H, a Vietnamese woman from the countryside who was reportedly forced to have sex with nine of her husband's "brothers" once she got to Taiwan. The woman escaped and returned to Tien Giang province... "Vietnamese have strong national pride, and it's a loss of face that a Vietnamese girl would want to marry a man from Taiwan", the Taiwan Visa officer in Saigon said.
(theo tin tuc bao China Post ra ngay Jan 18,1999)

 Taipei, Jan 4, 1998 - More than 10,000 Vietnamese brides have married Taiwan men over the past three years, according to statistics compiled by the Republic of China's representative office in Vietnam... A joke circulating in the Chinese community in Vietnam claims that conducting immigration interviews for Vietnamese brides intending to marry Taiwan men has become the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office's most important task. The Taipei-based evening paper quoted the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office sources as saying that the ROC representative offices in Hanoi and Saigon interview an average of 20 such couples a day, comtributing much to their workload.
(theo tin tuc bao China Post ra ngay Jan 5, 1998)

 Hanoi, Vietnam - Vietnam is clamping down on the illegal trade of women and children for use as prostitutes else-where in Asia. Official media reported Friday. Thousands of Vietnamese women have been forced to work as virtual sex slaves in neighboring Cambodia, while hundreds more have been sold as brides for men in mainland China, Taiwan and the Portuguese colony of Macao.
According to a decree signed by Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet, Vietnam will close so-called match-matching services and tourist agencies that help secure exit visa for women destined to become prostitutes aboard. "The trade of local women and girls overseas to work as sex workers is very serious despite the efforts made by central and local governments," said the prime minister's directive, quoted in the Communist Party newspaper, The People.
(theo tin tuc bao China Post ra ngay Sep 20, 1997)

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