Mainland Chinese women

forced into sex trade by snakeheads


Mainland Chinese women forced into sex trade by snakeheads



Two members of a cross-strait snakehead ring have been nabbed for allegedly smuggling mainland Chinese women into Taiwan to work in the sex trade, sources from the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) reported.

The two Taiwan men, identified as Kao Mu-shan and Chen Ming-chi, were apprehended by CIB agents Thursday in the northern city of Hsinchu on charges of being involved in arranging false marriages between mainland women and Taiwan men and then forcing the women to work as prostitutes in Taiwan. The CIB agents arrested Kao and Chen after they received a complaint filed by a Taiwan friend of a mainland woman, surnamed Wan, from Sichuan province's Chongqing City, saying that she was among six women from mainland China being forced to work as prostitutes in an underground brothel in Hsinchu. CIB agents raided the underground brothel and rescued Wan and another mainland woman, surnamed Tsai. According to Wan, she became acquainted with Chen and Kao last June in Chongqing. Wan married Chen in December and had their marriage officially registered in both Chongqing and Taiwan. Chen brought Wan to Taiwan in March of this year but did not take her to his home. Instead, according to Wan, she was taken directly to Hsinchu by Kao, who arranged for her to live with five other mainland women in an apartment, forcing them to work as prostitutes. Wan claims that she had been forced to take customers 42 times since late March. The police found that the other four mainland Chinese women, some of whom are college graduates, were also taken to Taiwan in a similar manner and were forced into prostitution. According to Kao and Chen, the snakehead ring is actually operated by a man surnamed Hsu, whom the police are actively tracking down.

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