What's new in the Programming?

On August 1996, by the request of local Bishops and corresponding production Center, a new language service, the ZOMI-CHIN has started to send in ready made programs to be broadcasted twice a week to Manipur State of India and to Chin State of Myanmar. Thus, for the year 1997, Radio Veristas Asia shall bring the Good News to the peoples of Asia in sixteen languages.

Contentwise, the programmers have been benifited by the installation of the Internet and the Reuters' Net. They are provided with fast informations about the activities of the Asian and Universal Church. The UCANEWS, the VATICAN INFORMATION SERVICE and the ERTN are the main providers of the religious news to our RVA broadcasters. Accordingly, new technology has been gradually introduced to advance the professional growth of the staff working in the language Sections. The computerization shall continue to bring needed sources of information faster to our broadcasters. In the near future, through the Internet's advance technology, our RVA broadcasters can have acess to the audio/video sources to enhance the improved quality/content of the broadcasts.

There is also an ongoing in-service training to help our personnel professionally and spiritually. Once a month, Fr. Franz Eilers, SVD, gives "Church and Communication" while Fr. Gerry Tapiador lectures on the Holy Scriptures.

Another expectation by the years to come is the possibility to broadcast the audio of RVA programs to all Asian countries in the footprints of THAICOM satellites. Moreover, the success of the satellite link between Radio Vaticana and Radio Veritas Asia will foster a more permanent and effective cooperation to serve the peoples in Asia.

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