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The Honorable Colin L. Powell

United States Secretary of State


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May 17th, 2001

The Honorable Colin L. Powell

United States Secretary of State

Washington, DC.

Re: Request your prompt intervention on the arrest of the Catholic Reverend Nguyen Van Ly at An Truyen parish in Hue, Vietnam.


Dear Secretary Powell:

As you might already know over 600 Vietnamese polices have attacked, severely beaten and arrested Father Nguyen Van Ly at 5am on Thrusday May 17th at An Truyen parish, in Hue, Vietnam. The violent Viet authorities have flatly ignored the international public opinions and continued to persecute and brutally oppress the freedom of speech and freedom of religion in Vietnam.

For over 50 years, that extremely cruel Viet Communist Regime has created countless of terrible mishaps and horrible deaths on our innocent pitiful fellow citizens.

* Have you ever known any governments on earth that ordered a troop of over 600 fully-armed polices with electric whips, pistols and rifles to attack, cruelly beat and arrest a frail priest who has nothing in his hands except his bible and his poor parishioners?

* Have you ever acknowledged any countries around the world that employs an army and a department of secret polices which consist of millions of staff to suppress the voices of its total population of only 76 millions.

* Is there any political regime anywhere in this planet that fully centralizes its political power in the hands of 14 members of the Politics Bureau? In fact, the top political power to make critical, life-and-death decisions for a country of almost 77 million people belongs to only 3 persons. They are Secretary General Nong Duc Manh, President Tran Duc Luong and Prime Minister Phan Van Khai. Sometimes, only one single person whose education level was only at 5th grade finally made the top decisions. That person had used to earn his living as a productive-sterilizing butcher for hogs before he joined the Viet Communist Party. That man is Mr. Do Muoi. He has been physically insane for years while he has still been considered as a top political adviser for the Vietnamese Communist Regime. That has truly been one of our major historical tragedies for our mother country for over half of a century now.

I strongly request that you, the cabinet and the United States Congress spare a few minutes today to reassess about the role of the United States of America, the world super power, the greatest leader of the free world. Should it be comfortable to the United States government to ignore that incident and continue to tolerate those barbaric acts of violence of the Vietnamese Regime when it openly attacked the parishioners at An Truyen parish and arrested Father Nguyen Van Ly after severely beating him and other parishioners by electric whips and rifle butts?

I urge you and the U.S. government of all three branches to act promptly to save and protect one of our respected religious leaders, Father Nguyen Van Ly, and his parishioners who were also recently arrested in this incident. I strongly demand for his immediate release by the Vietnamese authorities without any conditions. I strongly demand that the Administrative Decree 401 that has detained him at An Truyen parish for 2 years must be abolished at once. I strongly demand that the Vietnamese authorities have to authorize Father Nguyen Van Ly to freely visit and pay his last tribute to his mother who is on her bed death and going to die in any minute now.

Late President John F. Kennedy once proudly said "The America will pay any prices, meet any challenges, bear any burdens to be a true leader of the free world". I am strongly convinced that you will not let a tiny group of barbaric idiots in Ha Noi continue to play their dirty political games to take advantages of their own unfortunate citizens in Vietnam while they skillfully continue to mask up their murderous faces to deceive our international community.

Please give them a simple hint that without freedom and basic human rights in Vietnam the Trade Accord between Vietnam and the United States will not be ratified. Please accept my respectful appreciation and may God always bless you, your family and our truly free America.



Cc: Senator Trent Lott

Senator John McCain

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren

Congressman Lars Rise in Norway

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