Father Nguyen Van Ly
is courageously fighting
for religious freedom in Vietnam

Prepared for Internet by Vietnamese Missionaries in Taiwan

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

 As you probably know, Father Nguyen Van Ly is courageously fighting for religious freedom in Vietnam. Besides informing people inside Vietnam of this struggle, it's crucial that we also rally international support.

 A Catholic priest in Vietnam, Father Nguyen Van Ly, faces threat of arrest for calling publicly for religious freedom and leading a protest against the government's confiscation of farmland belonging to Nguyet Bieu Catholic Church (near Hue city, central Vietnam).

 We would like to ask you to protest this violation of religious freedom by taking one or more of the following actions:

 Sending a protest letter to the Vietnamese government with copy to our State Department.

 Expressing your support for religious freedom in Vietnam with a letter to Father Nguyen Van Ly. (Postal Address: 37 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Hue, Vietnam). On November 24, 2000, Father Nguyen Van Ly released a 10-point statement critical of the government's repressive policy toward the Catholic congregation in Hue. In this statement and subsequent appeals in early December, Father Nguyen Van Ly detailed the government's long-standing restrictions on Church activities and called for "true religious freedom." Also in early December, Father Nguyen Van Ly and members of the Nguyet Bieu parish courageously planted a large banner with the words "We need Freedom of Religion" on the Church's land and started to sow seed in lands confiscated by the government. Public Security cadres arrived immediately, uprooted the banners, and engaged in full-scale harassment.

 Authorities have surrounded the Nguyet Bieu Catholic Church and could arrest (and even physically harm) Father Nguyen Van Ly at any moment. We believe this a fundamental violation of religious freedom and human decency. Your urgent action is necessary to help protect an inalienable right and a brave Catholic priest.

 Thank you for your attention.


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