Kinh cau nguyen cho viec Phong Chan Phc

c Hong Y Phanxico Xavie Nguyen Van Thuan



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Kinh cau nguyen cho viec Phong Chan Phc c Hong Y Phanxico Xavie Nguyen Van Thuan.


Thien Chua a th thach ngai nh "vang trong lo luyen kim va a nhan ngai nh la "hien le toan thieu", chung ta co the noi that s la "hy vong cua ngai cha chan trng sinh bat t" (Wis 3:4-5). Mot niem hy vong tran ay Chua Kito, tran ay s song va s phuc sinh cho nhng ai tin tng vao Chua. (Gioan Phaolo II)


Lay Thien Chua tnh yeu,

Chua a goi va chon Phanxico Xavie Nguyen Van Thuan lam ngi muc t nhan ai va tran ay tnh yeu thng trong cuoc L Hanh ay niem Hy Vong.

Nhan le gio lan th 5 cua co Hong Y Phanxico than yeu, chung con cau xin Chua Thanh Than va c Me La Vang, Me chung con, ban nhieu n phc va soi sang trong tien trnh xet tuyen phong chan phc cho ngai.

Xin cho chung con biet noi gng nhan c va chng nhan Tin Mng ch thc cua c Hong Y, ma canh tan sau am i song Kito hu cua chung con va ton vinh Thien Chua trong i song cua anh ch em chung quanh. Chung con cau xin nhng n ay nh Chua Kito la Chua chung con. Amen.


Now that the Lord has tested him, as "gold in the crucible", and has accepted him "as a sacrificial burnt offering", we can truly say that "his hope was full of immortality" (cf Wis 3:4-5). It was full of Christ, the life and resurrection of all who trust in Him. (John Paul II)


Father of Love,

You called Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan to serve you and to shepherd your people in the spirit of truth and love on the journey of Hope to heavenly home.

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the passing of the beloved Cardinal Francis Xavier, we pray for the blessings of the Holy Spirit and of our Holy Mother - Lady of La Vang - upon the process of his beatification.

May his virtues and the faithful witness to the Gospel help bring forth a deeper renewal of our Christian lives and proclaim the glory of God in the life of our brothers and sisters. We ask all this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan Foundation

"The Road of Hope"

P.O. Box 71700

Madison Heights, MI 48071, USA.




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