Friday, 11 April 1969


Venerable Brothers,

beloved sons and daughters,

We salute with pleasure the new step being taken, towards the realization of a most important project for the Church in South East Asia, by the blessing and inauguration of "Radio Veritas".

This very name indicates the role of the new transmitter, that of giving to the truth a new and powerful voice, in a continental area of increasing significance in world affairs. Radio, one of those "astonishing inventions" that "human genius has produced from natural materials" (Inter mirifica, art. l), makes it possible to fulfil to today, in an unexpected manner, the divine command to "proclaim upon the house-tops" the good news of Redemption; and in rebuttal of false materialistic doctrines, which are widely and skilfully propagandized, to help men "hear and understand the grace of God in truth" (Col. 1, 6).

The General Meeting of the Philippine Radio Educational and Information Center, which will precede the inauguration of "Radio Veritas", emphasizes international and inter-racial collaboration, in a truly Catholic spirit, between the Bishops of Asia and Australia; and it recalls the contributions made to this notable achievement by the Congregation of "Propaganda Fide" and by the Catholics of other nations, specially Germany, as well as by Our Venerable Brothers in the Hierarchy and their flocks in the Philippines.

This collaboration will succeed if prepared for by intelligent and far-sighted planning, and accompanied by understanding, dialogue, and patience, in order to reconcile and harmonize different needs and varying cultural traditions. We are confident that, with Godís help, the Bishops of South East Asia will bring this immensely significant enterprise to full achievement, aided by the unselfish contributions of their clergy and people, which We earnestly solicit.

On Our part, We have instructed the Pontifical Commission for Social Communications to follow closely the development of "Radio Veritas", and to ensure it every possible support.

Invoking divine guidance and assistance, therefore, We lovingly impart to Our Beloved Son Cardinal Santos, Archbishop of Manila, to Our Venerable Brothers, the Bishops of South East Asia, to the governors, staff and personnel of "Radio Veritas" and all those who hear its voice, Our paternal Apostolic Blessing.


+ Paul VI, Pope


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