Nhạc Chủ Ðề Ðại Hội Giới Trẻ Thế Giới

tại Toronto năm 2002

Light of the World

Ánh Sáng Thế Gian

(Nhạc và Lời : Robert Lebel

Lời tiếng Anh của Paul Andre Durocher)

Light of the World (English version)


The One that we have seen with our own eyes,

The One that we have touched and felt with our own hands,

The One that we have heard with our own ears,

The One that in the depths of our hearts we have met:

He is the One who we proclaim to you...

His splendour is on all,

For he shines upon the world.


So many in our world drift into sleep,

while others only know a darkness without end.

Let brothers rise to call them from the deep!

Let sisters take their hands to heal and be

their friends.

Together, let us stand against the storm

and in the heart of night be the watchers of the morn.



The light of the world

The salt of the earth,

We scatter the darkness

When love becomes our way.

The light of the world

Christ is our light.

We shine with his brightness,

The reflection of his light

From day to day!


So many feel that they have yet to find

The meaning of their lives, their value and their worth;

If we just walked along with hearts made kind...

And listened to their tales and sought to ease their hurt;

Perhaps they’d hearken to the news we bear,

And in the broken bread,

Come to know true love and care! (Refrain)


No worth has salt if it should lose its taste.

No usefulness has light if it is hid’n away!

So may our souls, our hearts, our minds be graced,

And for the Spirit’s gifts and power let us pray!

May truth abide in everything we do;

May love and justice reign!

And may God our world renew! (Refrain)


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