Vietnamese Refugees
in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong begins demolishing
the last Vietnamese refugee camp

Hong Kong - (AP June 3, 2000) - The government began demolishing the territory's last refugee camp Friday even though 137 former Vietnamese boat people remained defiant of orders to leave.

 Officials have stopped cleaning and general maintenance services and begun knocking down some empty barracks at the remote camp in Pillar Point, which was officially closed Wednesday May 31, 2000, said Mary Leung, a Security Bureau spokeswoman. The remaining residents are demanding government rehousing and allowances. They are allowed to stay temporarily but must report to authorities before leaving or entering the locked camp, which had provided them free housing until its closure.

 Leung refused to say whether they would be kicked out at some point. "The condition of the camp is detoriorating... They are subject to restrictions, they are subject to questioning. There's no cleaning, no maintenance," she said. "The conditions are not suitable for living anymore," Leung added. "Some people just try to get to a better deal.

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