Chuc Mng Giang Sinh 2010

Va Nam Mi 2011

Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year

May Christ's birth bring peace

to our hearts, our homes and our world.

A Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year

from The Vietnamese Missionaries in Asia.

Every year, children write him letters to tell him what they want for Christmas. They stay up late on Christmas Eve, hoping to catch a glimpse of him as he comes to their home with his bag full of gifts.

This jolly old soul is Santa Claus, and he fills the holiday season with happy anticipation.

Santa Claus is an American figure adapted from the European legend of Saint Nicholas, who is the patron saint of children, Russia and sailors. The saint's generosity and compassion are said to have saved a poor man's daughters from a difficult life. Many Europeans honor him by giving gifts on his feast day, Dec. 6.

The traditions of Saint Nicholas were introduced into America by the Dutch settlers, according to several sources. In fact, the name Santa Claus is adapted from the Dutch Sint Nikolaas (Sinterklaas). As immigrants from other countries came, they too spread their legends of the saint. In the United States, however, he became associated with Christmas, not his traditional feast day.

Many of Santa's characteristics, like how he comes down the chimney and how he leaves switches for naughty children, have Dutch origins. His red suit trimmed with white fur originated in the attire worn by the Dutch saint. However, his connection with reindeer and the North Pole are believed to come from Scandinavian lore.

Thanks to the stories of Washington Irving, the cartoons of Thomas Nast and the famous poem by Clement Moore, "A Visit from Saint Nicholas," Santa Claus became popular throughout the United States during the 1800s.


Thang 9 nam 1897, mot be gai 8 tuoi ten la Virginia a viet cho mot t bao Cong Giao Hoa Ky e hoi ve ong gia Noel. Cau hoi cua co be la: Ong gia Noel co that khong?

Vai ngay sau, tren muc quan iem cua t bao, ngi ta oc c cau tra li cua ong chu nhiem kiem chu but nh sau: "Virginia yeu dau cua bac. ieu trc tien bac muon noi vi chau la: cac ban cua chau that la sai lam khi bao rang khong co ong gia Noel. Cac ban cua chau a b tiem nhiem bi trao lu hoai nghi. Ho ngh rang ch co the tin c nhng g ho thay tan mat. Ho ngh rang khong co g co the co c neu tr khon nho be cua ho khong hieu c.

Virginia yeu dau, tat ca moi tr khon cua loai ngi, du la cua tre em, du la cua ngi ln, tat ca eu nho be. Trong cai vu tru bao la nay, con ngi ch la mot con kien nho be.

Virginia a, ong gia Noel co thc. Ong co thc cung nh tnh yeu va long quang ai nh o cuoc song cua chau tr thanh vui ti va xinh ep. Be i, neu khong co ong gia Noel th the gii cua chung ta se nh the nao? Khong co nhng tam hon ngay th trong trang cua nhng tre th nh chau th the gii cua chung ta se nh the nao? Khong co mot niem tin cua tre th nh chau th khong co mot ang van, mot dong th nao co the lam cho cuoc song cua chung ta ang song na. Khong co mot niem tin cua tre th th anh sang vnh cu ang lap ay the gii cung se tat dan.

Virginia, neu chau khong con tin ong gia Noel na, th chau cung chang con tin chuyen than tien na. Co the chau se yeu cau bo cho ngi ngoi canh lo si, cuoi ging e bat cho c ong gia Noel... Nhng cho du chau khong bat c ong gia Noel i na, ieu o y ngha g? Cha co ai a thay ong gia Noel, nhng cung cha co ai chng minh c la khong co ong gia Noel. Nhng ieu co thc nht trong the gii cua chung ta o la nhng ieu ma tre con va ngay ca ngi ln cung cha tng thay.

Chau co bao gi thay cac nang tien nhay mua tren tham co cha? D nhien la cha. Nhng co ai chng thc c cac nang tien khong co khong? Khong ai co the co khai niem hay tng tng c bao ky dieu cha thay hoac khong the thay c trong the gii cua chung ta.

Ch co c tin, ch co tnh yeu mi co the ven m c bc man b mat cua the gii cua chung ta.

Nh n Chua, ong gia Noel van song va tiep tuc song, chau Virginia a. Ong gia Noel se tiep tuc lam cho tam hon tre th c tran ay hoan lac."

La th gi cho co be Virginia tren ay a chung ta vao trung tam iem cua ngay Giang Sinh: Giang Sinh la le cua nhi ong, bi v nhan vat chnh cua ngay le la mot Em Be. Mot Em Be cung nh muon ngn em be sinh ra tren coi i nay. Em Be o chnh la niem vui va hy vong cho tat ca moi ngi.

Cung vi Em Be o, tat ca cac em be eu mang lai niem vui cho moi ngi trong mua Giang Sinh. Bau kh Giang Sinh la bau kh cua nhi ong. T hoa en, am nhac cho en qua cap, tat ca eu hng ve cac em nhi ong... Ngi cho a vui ma ngi nhan con vui hn: chnh cac em be la nhng ngi a day cho ngi ln biet vui vi niem vui ban phat. Bao lau con ngi con co the m ca tam hon, bao lau con ngi con co the m rong ban tay e ban phat, e chia se th bay lau ong gia Noel cua hy vong, cua quang ai, cua han hoan van con song mai trong tam tr cua tre em va khong biet bao nhieu ngi sau kho.

Giang Sinh la ngay cua nhi ong do o cung la le cua hoa bnh. Mot em be sinh ra la mot hy vong mi chm n. Hy vong la ten mi cua hoa bnh. Con hy vong la con muon xay dng. Xay dng tren mam song a anh ma con xay dng tren nhng o v, mat mat.

Qua hai Nhi Giesu, tat ca cac em be tren the gii ang nhan gi en tng ngi trong chung ta niem hy vong vao thien ch cua con ngi. Hoa bnh la hoa qua cua hy vong. Con tin ni con ngi, chung ta con co the xay dng hoa bnh.



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