c Thanh Cha cong bo danh sach 13 Tan Hong Y

se c tan phong ngay 5 thang 10 nam 2019


c Thanh Cha cong bo danh sach 13 Tan Hong Y se c tan phong ngay 5 thang 10 nam 2019.

ang T Do

Vatican (VietCatholic News 01-09-2019) - Sau khi oc Kinh Truyen Tin tai Quang trng Thanh Phero, vao ngay Chua Nhat 1 thang Chn nam 2019, c Thanh Cha Phanxico a tuyen bo mot Cong Ngh tan phong Hong Y se c to chc vao ngay 5 thang 10 nam 2019. Khi cong bo danh sach 10 v Tan Hong Y, c Thanh Cha noi rang xuat x cua cac Tan Hong Y the hien n goi truyen giao cua Giao hoi la tiep tuc loan bao tnh yeu thng xot cua Thien Chua cho moi ngi tren trai at.

Danh sach cac Tan Hong Y c tan phong ky nay:

1. c Cha Miguel Angel Ayuso Guixot, mccj - Chu tch Hoi ong Giao hoang ve oi thoai Lien ton.

2. c Tong Giam Muc Jose Tolentino Medonca - Thu th cua Hoi Thanh Cong Giao.

3. c Tong Giam Muc Ignatius Suharyo Hardjoatmodjo - Tong Giam muc Jakarta

4. c Tong Giam Muc Juan de la Caridad Garca Rodrguez - Tong Giam muc San Cristobal, Havana, Cuba.

5. c Tong Giam Muc Fridolin Ambongo Besungu, o.f.m. cap - Tong giam muc Kinshasa

6. c Tong Giam Muc Jean-Claude Hollerich, sj - Tong Giam muc cua Luxembourg

7. c Giam Muc Alvaro L. Ramazzini Imeri - Giam muc di Huehuetenamgo

8. c Tong Giam Muc Matteo Zuppi - Tong Giam muc Bologna.

9. c Tong Giam Muc Cristobal Lopez Romero, sdb - Tong Giam muc Rabat

10. Cha Michael Czerny, sj - Pho Tong Th Ky Phan bo Ngi di c va t nan cua Bo Phuc vu Phat trien nhan ban


Cung vi cac v Tan Hong Y ang tai chc nay, c Thanh Cha cung tan phong Hong Y cho hai Tong giam muc va mot Giam muc ve hu a phuc vu Giao hoi mot cach noi bat:


1. c Tong Giam Muc Michael Louis Fitzgerald - Tong Giam muc Hieu Toa cua Nepte

2. c Tong Giam Muc Sigitas Tamkevicius, sj - Tong Giam muc Hieu Toa cua Kaunas

3. c Giam Muc Eugenio Dal Corso, psdp - Giam muc Hieu Toa cua Benguela


Nhan dp nay, c Thanh Cha a keu goi cac tn hu hay cau nguyen cho cac v Tan Hong Y. Ngai noi:

"Chung ta hay cau nguyen cho cac Tan Hong Y e khi cung co s gan bo cua cac ngai vi Chua Kito, ho co the giup toi trong s vu Giam muc Roma v li ch cua tat ca cac tn hu Dan Thanh cua Thien Chua."


Pope announces 13 new Cardinals for the missionary Church

Vatican (Vatican News 1-09-2019) - At the Angelus Pope Francis reads the names of those prelates who will receive the red hat on October 5th, the vigil of the Amazon Synod.

After reciting the Angelus in St Peter's Square on Sunday, Pope Francis announced a consistory to be held on 5 October for the nomination of 10 new Cardinals. He said that the places where these new Cardinals come from express the missionary vocation of the Church as she continues to announce the merciful love of God to every person on earth.

The names of the new Cardinals are:

1. Bishop Miguel Angel Ayuso Guixot, mccj - President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.

2. Archbishop Jose Tolentino Medonca - Archivist and Librarian of the Holy Roman Church

3. Archbishop Ignatius Suharyo Hardjoatmodjo - Archbishop of Jakarta

4. Archbishop Juan de la Caridad Garca Rodrguez - Archbishop de San Cristobal of Havana

5. Archbishop Fridolin Ambongo Besungu, o.f.m. cap - Archbishop of Kinshasa

6. Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich, sj - Archbishop of Luxembourg

7. Bishop Alvaro L. Ramazzini Imeri - Bishop di Huehuetenamgo

8. Archbishop Matteo Zuppi - Archbishop of Bologna.

9. Archbishop Cristobal Lopez Romero, sdb - Archbishop of Rabat

10. Father Michael Czerny, sj - Undersecretary of the Migrants and Refugees Section of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Development

Along with these new Cardinals, the Pope is adding two Archbishops and a Bishop who have served the Church in a distinguished way:

1. Archbishop Michael Louis Fitzgerald - Archbishop Emeritus of Nepte

2. Archbishop Sigitas Tamkevicius, sj - Archbishop Emeritus of Kaunas

3. Bishop Eugenio Dal Corso, psdp - Bishop Emeritus of Benguela

Let us pray for the new Cardinals so that, confirming their adhesion to Christ, they might help in my ministry as Bishop of Rome for the good of all the faithful Holy People of God.


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