Giao Hoi Viet Nam va

Giao Huan cua Giao Hoi Ve Xa Hoi


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Tham Luan: Giao Hoi Viet Nam va Giao Huan cua Giao Hoi Ve Xa Hoi.

Bangkok 25-27/01/2007


I. Tnh Hnh

1. Ke t nam 1975 en nay (2007), Viet Nam van phai lo khac phuc nhng hau qua cua cuoc chien keo dai nhieu thap nien, khong nhng ve c s vat chat ma ca ve con ngi: hn mot trieu thng binh, hai trieu tre mo coi, hn nam trieu ngi tan tat va hn hai trieu ngi goa bua. ong thi Viet Nam cung co gang thoat ra khoi tnh trang co lap e hoi nhap vao the gii toan cau hoa, mong bat kp a tien bo van minh nhan loai ngay nay.

2. Trong thap nien va qua, nh s chuyen dch t kinh te tap trung sang kinh te th trng, i song kinh te a gia tang ang ke; tuy nhien s phat trien nay lai thieu tnh ong eu, thieu tnh toan dien va vng ben. S phat trien nh the, cong them vi tnh chuyen che t man, tnh trang thieu kinh nghiem va thieu chuan b thch ang, a dan en nhieu hau qua tieu cc : lan song di dan nhieu trieu ngi t nong thon len thanh th, s phan hoa giau ngheo cang luc cang ln, s suy thoai ve mat ao c, khuynh hng ca nhan hng thu ch ky, va u th te nan xa hoi (gian doi, tham nhung, bao lc trong gia nh, pha thai, ly d, mai dam, buon ngi, ma tuy va dch HIV/AIDS...). Tat ca nhng hau qua tren a lam ao lon trat t nhng gia tr can ban trong truyen thong ao c cua gia nh va truyen thong van hoa cua dan toc, gop phan hnh thanh nen van hoa s chet, chong lai nen van hoa s song va van minh tnh thng von la con ng ch thc dan a moi ngi va moi gia nh en s song doi dao, an lanh va hanh phuc vng ben.

3. Da tren nhng ly do ve lch s cung nh t tng, chnh quyen Viet Nam trong nhng thap nien qua, co thai o kha tieu cc vi cac ton giao; do o cac ton giao gap nhieu kho khan va han che trong cac sinh hoat cua mnh. T khi Viet Nam chuyen sang kinh te th trng, tnh hnh a c cai thien nhieu. Giao Hoi Cong Giao khong con c nhn nh mot the lc chong Chanh quyen Cong san, song c coi nh hp tac vao viec xay dng va phat trien at nc. Hom 25.1.2007, cuoc gap g gia Thu tng Viet Nam va c Giao Hoang la mot dau hieu bao tin vui: Viet Nam va Vatican ang ong hanh tren con ng oi thoai, ca oi ben eu to thien ch phuc vu cho s song va pham gia cua dan toc Viet Nam va dan Chua tai Viet Nam. The nhng cho en nay, van con mot so han che, cach rieng trong viec Giao Hoi dan than vao cac lanh vc xa hoi nh giao duc va y te.


II. nh Hng

1. Giao huan cua Giao Hoi ve xa hoi lam noi bat nhng gia tr lam nen tang cho viec xay dng vng ben mot cong ong nhan loai mi, nh s that va cong bang, tnh huynh e ai ong va tnh lien i, long yeu thng bac ai va xay dng hoa bnh...

2. Nhng gia tr nay phai la chuan mc cho viec giao duc con ngi toan dien va trong moi lanh vc: gia nh, hoc ng, cong ong xa hoi. Thieu s giao duc toan dien nay, lng tam se b lech lac. ong thi, con ngi - vi pham gia va nhng quyen can ban cua ho - von phai la cung ch cua s phat trien ch thc va toan dien cung nh cua moi c cau xa hoi va cong quyen, lai co the b bien thanh phng tien san xuat va cong cu phuc vu cho nhng tham vong ch ky cua mot so ngi nam quyen hanh va the lc trong xa hoi.

3. Giao Hoi co quyen va co trach nhiem gop phan xay dng xa hoi loai ngi. Nhng gia tr nen tang c neu len trong giao huan cua Giao Hoi ve xa hoi chnh la c s can thiet va vng chac e da vao o, Giao Hoi ong gop phan cua mnh vao viec xay dng xa hoi dan s tren nen tang s that va cong bang, yeu thng va bnh an, la nhng gia tr cua Tin Mng cu o.


III. Thc Hanh

1. Trong nhng nam qua, giao huan cua Giao Hoi ve xa hoi a c a vao chng trnh chnh thc cua mot so ai chung vien va dong tu. ay cung la mot trong nhng e tai c quan tam trong viec thng huan linh muc trong mot t giao phan.

2. Chung toi mong muon pho bien giao huan nay cach rong rai hn, ac biet oi vi hai oi tng sau: (1) cac nhom tn hu ang trc tiep tham gia cac cong tac muc vu xa hoi, (2) nhng ngi tham gia viec ieu hanh at nc. Tuy nhien viec lam nay cho en nay con rat gii han.

3. Cong viec trc mat la hoan chnh va pho bien ban dch cuon Compendium of the Social Teaching of the Church. ay se la nen tang cho viec huan luyen moi thanh phan Dan Chua, ac biet la cac Kito hu giao dan ang co mat trong nhieu lanh vc xa hoi khac nhau. Hi vong rang ho se tr nen anh sang va muoi men cua Tin Mng trong moi lanh vc giao duc, kinh te, xa hoi, chnh tr, gop phan tch cc vao viec phat trien at nc cach vng ben, a con ngi va gia nh en cuoc song that s doi dao va an lanh lau dai.


Gioan Bt. Pham Minh Man

Hong Y Tong Giam Muc Giao Phan Saigon





Bangkok January 25-27,2007


Eminences, Excellences, brothers and sisters in Christ,

Let me share with you in few words on the situation in Vietnam, and what the Church in Vietnam is doing and is going to do with the Compendium of the Social Teachings of the Church.



1. Since the year 1975, Vietnam has had to overcome the consequences of a long-years war, not merely at material level but also at human level: over one million injured soldiers, two million orphans, over five million handicapped persons and two million widows. At the same time, Vietnam has tried to break out the isolation in order to enter a globalized world and speed up with the progress of the world today.

2. In the last decade, with the transition from a centrally-planned economy to a market one, economic life has considerably developed. This development, however, is short of equality, integrality and stability. Such a development - plus arrogant autocracy as well as lacking of experiences and available preparation - has caused many negative impacts on society: the exodus of internal migration of millions of families and young people, the fast growing gap between the rich and the poor, the sharp decline in morality, the individualistic and hedonistic way of life, and all kinds of social evil such as lie, corruption, violence, abortion, divorce, prostitution, women and children trafficking, drugs, and HIV/AIDS epidemic. All these negative consequences have overturned the basic values in the moral tradition of family life and the cultural tradition of the nation. At the same time, they contribute to create a culture of death against the culture of life and the civilization of love which is the true path leading us to abundant life and everlasting happiness.

3. Based upon historical and ideological reasons, the Vietnamese authorities in few last decades, have had a negative attitude toward religions in general; thus difficulties and restrictions for religious activities. Since the time of transition to a market economy, the situation has been much better. The Catholic Church is no longer viewed as a force against the communist government, but as a collaborator for the building and the development of the country. Yesterday, Jan. 25, 2007, the meeting of the Vietnam Prime Minister with the Pope is a sign announcing us good news: Vietnam and Vatican is walking on the same way of dialog, both sides expresses their good will to serve the life and the dignity of the Vietnamese people and the people of God in Vietnam. But up to now, there are still various kinds of restriction, particularly regarding the Churchs involvement in social fields such as education and health care.



1. Compendium of the Social Teaching of the Church highlights the values that lay foundation for a stable building of a new human community such as truth and justice, brotherhood and solidarity, charity and peace....

2. These values must become the standard for an integral formation of humans in all areas of life: family, school, and society. Without this integral formation, moral consciousness will be aberrant. In addition, human being, with their basic rights and dignity, who must be the end of an authentic and integral development, could be turned into instruments for material production and egoistic ambitions of the powerful and wealthy in society.

3. The Church has the right and responsibility to make a positive contribution to the building of human society. The highlighted values in Compendium of the Social Teaching of the Church must be the necessary and stable foundation upon which the Church makes her contribution to the building of a new society based on truth and justice, love and peace, which are the values of the Gospel.



1. In a number of seminaries and religious congregations, for the past years, The Social Teaching of the Church has been inserted in the formation program. It is also developed in the ongoing formation for priests in some dioceses.

2. We want to make this teaching more widely known especially for (1) the lay faithful who are involed in various social pastoral activities, (2) those who are in charge of social and political administration. This project, however, is still very limited.

3. The immediate task is editing and propagating the Vietnamese text of Compendium of the Social Teaching of the Church, which is the foundation for the training of God's people, particularly those who are involved in social activities. Equipped with this teaching, we hope they will spread the light and salt of the Gospel into all areas of life: educational, economic, social and political, and they will be able to make a positive contribution to an authentic development that brings abundant life and lasting peace to all families and human beings.


John Baptist Cardinal Pham Minh Man

Archbishop of Saigon


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